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The Legit Update Affiliate Program (LUAP) is a program that provides opportunity for our readers to get more downlines by simply putting their WhatsApp link so that readers who are going through our reviews can contact them for registration.



Who Can Participate?

Anyone. No matter your nationality or status. Whether you’re an affiliate guru or just a beginner on online Platform. You can input your link for potential downlines to contact you for registration when reading our reviews.



How Much Do I Have To Pay?

The amount of money to be paid depends on how long you want your link to be on our reviews. Below are the durations and their prices:

  • 7 Days: ₦10,000
  • 14 Days: ₦15000
  • 30 Days: ₦30,000

(Foreigners outside Nigeria and use the click here button below this post to inquire about their currency price range)


How Do I know I’ll Get Enough Downlines To Recover What I Paid For? 

Over 300,000 people visit our website every month when researching about platforms

As shown in the picture above, each month over 300,000 visitors come to our website to read reviews about Platforms before they register. Imagine putting your link on a review which thousands of people are reading.

The statistics proves that in the month of October 2023,

  • We recieved 300,000 Pageviews
  • Top 5 Countries in descending order were; Nigeria,  Ghana, South Africa, The United States,  Zambia etc.
  • All are organic traffic from Google search

No matter how bad you’re in convincing people you’ll definitely make x3 of what you paid for and if you’re very good  at it then you’ll be making millions from our website. Note that most of our readers are already convinced after reading our reviews, so what you’re doing is simply following up.


Why Are You Charging So Little Despite The Thousands of Traffic On Your Website?

We want everyone to taste the legitimacy and dependability of this Program. Effective Jan 1st 2024 Our Charges will be increased to x5 of what it is now. So this is a moment of Grace for you to Grab.


How Do I Put My Link In Your Reviews?

Step 1: Click Here to Go to Whatsapp and choose a Platform You Want To Put Your Link.

Step 2: You’ll Be asked to Choose a platform you want Referals for.

Step 3:  After Making Payment your link will be inputted in the review you chose and people will start contacting you for registration.


If you’ve Benefited from this Program, Kindly Indicate in the Comment section so others can be encouraged





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